Chuck Vs Forrest

Who would have won? Phone Post 3.0

Chuck would have hurt him IMO Phone Post 3.0

would have been a good fight. stylistically ud have to favour chuck. forrest was a tough, well rounded, athletic guy but 2004-2006 chuck was a destroyer.

Think Forrest could have pulled it off. To think we were just one fight away from that. Then Shad happened. Phone Post 3.0

Im not a Liddel worshipper like most people on here, but he would have killed Forrest. Forrest would stand there until eventually catching a hard shot that would end the night.

This fight in 07 would have made giant money. I always hoped it would happen. Forrest before silva could take a shot. If you held a gun to my say Forrest Phone Post 3.0

Jackson_Junior - On paper, you'd think that Chuck would kill Forrest. However, the same thing could be said vs rampage and Shogun who Forest beat. Safe bet is on Chuck due to his chin and ko power, but Griffin winning wouldnt surprise me. Phone Post 3.0
First thing that came to my mind. All logic says chuck murders him. But like you said shogun and rampage "should" have walked through Forest too. Forest had a way of winning fights that she shouldn't have even been competitive in. Grit, toughness and enjoying getting hit took him a long way Phone Post 3.0