Chuck vs. Neurologist

Seriously, stop anticipating match-ups for this guy.

He's done, and it's sad.

He doesn't beat anyone ever anymore. A strong breeze knocks Chuck out brutally, and splits his lip all the way to his nose.

So many sadists here.

What happened to the old never take a step forward, wait for the opponent to enter striking distance, thumb them in the eye then back out Chuck Liddell that was beating everyone??

It wasn't until he gave up this strategy and started stepping forward that his losses started to pile up.

IMHO if Chuck was to go back to his old style he'd still have a few wins left in his career, besides being KO'd a few times doesn't make you more physically prone to a KO. Christ I remember one 12 month period were I had at least 5 concussions, and I'm fine today, I only blacked out once typing this message.

Sagiv Lapkin -  He's done, and we are all grateful for his huge contributions to the sport.

 "A strong breeze knocks Chuck out brutally"

Very disrespectful.  Chuck only fights world class contenders.  Yes, his chin may not be what it used to be, but you don't have to be a piece of shit about it.