Chuck's right pec looked torn?

Can someone load stills from the weigh-in?

He's got a baby Tre going on there on the right side.

I have never seen this before.

Bottom right of his right pec. Looked like a tear or an old gunshot wound.

I havent taken any drugs today, I promise.

Maybe it was lighting, thank you crowbar and AVT

Chuck does not look good in the weigh in pics but the girl to his left that appears to be fingering herself while she thinks of me looks damn good!


Titos melon is way bigger than chucks.

Did Tito try one of those geeky "I'm going to dominate the handshake" things?

Yeah that ring girl is definitely going to town on her box... can someone please post the vid?

Chuck was barefoot and Tito put his shit kickers back on. Of course he looked bigger.

Tito didn't look as cut as he usally does either though.

Griffin is ripped.

"damn forrest looks good"

If the correlation between cranial capacity and intelligence is true then clearly Tito is the "smarter" fighter going into this...

I wagered on MacDonald...I hope it pays off.

forrest looks fuckin ripped, and Tito is a big 205 pounder, I've heard in person he is huge.