Chuck's true claim to MMA history

will not be his record alone, which is quite impressive, but will be that he has never been beat by the same fighter twice.

True he has only fought Rampage once so for this stat to really become a soild one they will need to rematch. But I think it just shows how adaptable a fighter who "never changes his game plan" truly is.

well he is the champ, and he has beaten everyone except Rampage that has been put in front of him, so yeah he kind of is the best

He did lose to Rampage but Rampage does not have the record Chuck has.

He can't be the best if he's only beaten who's hes beaten.

what? that dosn't make any sense

he has beat every one, including people who beat him, it is the fact that he has beaten those who have got the better of him that make him the best (in addition to the many top 5 fighters he has beat the first time out)

so yeah for a true unargued place as the best in MMA history he needs more and greater challenges but as for now he can definitly be ranked the number 1 LHW in the world and well on his way to becoming one of the greatest fighters ever.

Well calling Silva's challenges tougher is just opinion

Is Sakuraba tougher than Vernon White?
Is Alexander Otsuka tougher than Jeremy Horn?
Is Fujita tougher than Babalu?

^^Well said.

Chuck is a bad man, but he aint the best.

"Silva fought Mark Hunt, Fujita, Sakuraba 3x, Arona 2x, Rampage 2x, Kondo, Yoshida 2x, CroCop, Nakamura,

Chuck fought Couture 3x, Horn 2x, Sobral 2x, Tito, VWhite, Overeem, Rampage, Bustamante, Randleman"

chuck's more impressive.

Did anyone expect babalu mainly a grappler to beat chuck, the only guys that beat chuck beat him standing.

I conciser shogun the best in the world with silva and chuck number 2, chucks standup is nothing special, but his wresling is incredible, and his chin as well, shogun is the only guy I see being a perfect matchup for chuck.

Chuck does have rocks for hands though and if he hits anyone they will go down. Until he fights a Silva or a Shogun, there will always be ?'s.

Wand comes in swinging and with chuck being a very good counter puncher he very well could ko wand. I would like to see it anyway......

I would like to see him fight a good ground fighter like arona too. Tito has no chance imo. Not being able to take down forest to tring to take down chuck is a little different. Forest has pillows for hands and chuck hits like a mack truck......

Silva can beat Chuck and Chuck can beat Silva. I would give the best two out of three to Chuck against anybody, and my point is that along with his many impresseive wins that is what makes him a champ and a legend