Chuck's Weaknesses IMO

I belive that Chuck carries his hands(guard) to low since day one. A great striker should be able to exploit this.

My thoughts..

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I agree, but it's very obvious. The way to beat Chuck is to outstrike him, plain and simple.

The problem is that his hands are so heavy, all it takes is one solid shot to throw his opponent right out of his game.

i agree about low hands

How about this..

Chuk fights broken rythm whether its intentional or not , I do not know. So how do you counter broken rythm ? Fire with Fire ?

(Runs to personal library to reference Tao of Jeet Kune Do)

Chuck's only weakness is on the ground. After re-watching the Rampage v Chuck fight, I don't see why other fighters won't use that stragedy. By puttin pressure on Chuck down the middle and clinching, it takes him off his game. Rampage also attacked Chuck midsection. Once he got Chuck down, he elbowed Chuck in the midsection. Thus stopping Chuck. I could see Vitor and Couture putting Chuck down, slowing him down with that tactic. Chuck is good getting up, but Rampage slowed him down and stopped him. Rampage's defense was really good too. Lots of movement and clinching. Chuck did not have a target and Rampage capitalized. I don't see Chuck beating Rampage, even with the more "reserved" Rampage.

Chucks weakness is his his ground game. Good luck to any fighter getting him there.


Yeah Chuck is weak and sucks... I mean look at the list of punks he has fought. PFFFFT Most good fighters will beat his low hand holding ass.

All they have to do is outstrike him, clinch and get him to the ground. its that easy.

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"I thought this was a friendly forum ?
And who's KingKnightmare ?"

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I don't think Chuck sucks..I just think Franklin could beat him. Someone needs to really study his game. Jeremy fought in my opinion with his ego not his head. Why else would he think he could stand and outstrike a great mma striker.

Franklin is a student and can find a way. Similar to how Frank Shamrock was able to study and exploit his opponents weakness.

franklin vs chuck is interesting

Franklin would'nt be able to beat Jeremy Horn, so what makes you think franklin would beat Chuck.

Chuck did carry his hands really low.  After he finally started checking Horn's low kicks, I though Horn was gonna send a few high and try to take advantage of the low guard.

chuck does hold his hands too low and his chin too high, IMO, it seems to work for him but I do expect to see in floored on day. Ali did the same thing, it worked for him 90% of the time but when he got clocked he went down.

Noe Hernandez was a great boxer but I don't think he "beat his ass standing". Anyone know what Noe is doing now/where he's at?

Other fighters don't try Rampage's tactics because at this point, Chuck is a good enough grappler to avoid takedowns and keep the fight on the feet.

Horn was willing to stay on the feet and trade most of the time, but he did try for a leg a few times, and Chuck just threw him off like a ragdoll.

Chuck ALWAYS keeps his hands LOW and his chin OUT!

Guy Metzger rocked him hard in their Pride match and I thought was actually going to win until he gassed.

his weekness is his conditioning he lasted three and a half rounds last night cause jeremy was on the ground trying to wake up and he wasnt going balls out he was relaxing hitting a punching bag