Chute Boxe/ BTT Instructionals

Why hasnt Chute Boxe or Brazilian Top Team put out any instructional books or dvds on there training methods, drills, strategies, etc ? They were the two most successful mma/vale tudos teams of all times. I know Shogun & Ninja put out there one dvd series.

go to budo videos

there like a ways of chuteboxe

and mario sperry....different arte suave's

Shogun and Ninja's set isn't too bad, not as ground-breaking as Sperry's Vale Tudo sets nor as highly technical on the ground, but not a bad place to start.

Anderson Silva has a set on Boxing for MMA, not technically Chute Boxe's whole fighting system, but a pretty decent stand-up set.

Shogun and Ninja's set is probably very close to what the Chute boxe system is

Anderson's reflects what is now his own personal style

 Minotauro, Darryl Gholar and Mario Sperry ave instructionals out, that'sa lot of BTT right there.

 ^^^ Minotauro's set is GOLD for MMA guard. After watching that, I remembered how I felt when I first started taking BJJ and went back and looked at old UFC matches I'd seen a dozen times, but wasn't sophisticated enough to really see what was going on - I started seeing a ton of stuff Mino was doing that I had missed before....