Chute Boxe Seminar!!!

Toronto BJJ is pleased to anounce that we will be hosting the first ever Chute boxe seminars in Canada.

The seminars will be conducted by the heads of Chute Boxe, Masters Rudimar and Rafael.

They will cover the Chute Boxe systems of Muay Thai and Vale Tudo (MMA).

Do not miss this chance to learn the training methods that have made Chute Boxe, from the men who designed them.

Time, dates, and cost TBA


This is an opportunity to learn Chute Boxe's dynamic and effective style form the source.

As anyone who has ever taken Mauricio's Chute Boxe Muay Thai class knows, threre really is a difference in technical level and training method.

Chute Boxe really excels in the stand up game, the clinch, and in striking on the ground. Also, their use of Jiu-Jitsu for MMA is something often missing in those who train sport BJJ.


You are fn sharting me. That's amazing. Never have I been so intimidated about going to a seminar, lol. That's high level instruction, I assume you have to be fairly good to even go. Damn what a good opportunity, though.

RVT I wouldn't be too intimidated, even Wanderlei had to start somewhere.

I would really like to go to said seminar.

Just to clarify the seminars are open to, and appropriate for beginners to advanced students.


ttt for any information, I have some people up here in North Bay that would come with me. I'm actually really excited for this!!!