Chute Boxe vs the UFC

Am I the only son of a bitch who thinks the Chute Boxe guys are getting a raw deal against UFC favorites? Shogun v Machida and Wandy v Franklin being the most glaring.

Chute Boxe rules
Curitiba na veia!

Amen brother.

Eh... The Chute Boxe guys weren't really doing themselves any favors either when they first showed up.

Agreed, but the fact remains that they have been voted out like a Repub at a Black Panthers Rally two times on PPV.

Rickson's Aura - even the scorecard for Liddell/Wanderlei was fishy. Wanderlei dropped him twice in round 2. One may have been a slip, but the other was legit.

Agree 100%. Shogun, got robbed in such a way that the UFC will never be able to repay, I know it isn't their fault totally, but come on, Wandy and Shogun now both robbed? Why continue to put on excellent NHB fights if they are going to get robbed half of the time?

New rule at Chute Boxe should be fuck the rules, head stomp when you can!!!!