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So I saw this online, thinking about getting.  Can anyone tell me a good other humidor to comapre to?  Is this even a good one?

Just got a box of Cohiba's, very excited to smopke, but want to store properly to make them last.

Also, the small humidifyers these humodors keep, how often to they need to be replaced? 

As long as it has a good seal when closed you'll be fine. I only use those humidifiers with distilled water to season a new humidor. One that's done I prefer the humidification crystals, preferably the ones cigar shaped. If you go that route just be sure you size it right for the amount of smokes you're going to have in the humidor. Phone Post 3.0

This should help you Phone Post 3.0

That's a good humidor. Personally I am not a fan of glass on my humidors.

Depending on your humidifier, you might not have to replace it at all, just refresh it with distilled water.

One thing worth paying for is a hygrometer calibration kit. They cost a couple bucks and give you piece of mind that your meter works and reads properly.

This is the humidor I recommend.

Jesus Bukkake, how many vices you got?

Thankfully being a fellow diehard born and raised Brooklyn Nets fan, I forgive you

Yeah those humidor bags work well. If it's not something you'd be in for the long haul, I'd go that route.

This gets expensive! Phone Post 3.0

Wow thanks for all the info guys.


Z - I have not.  Company has a locker at Macanudo which is great.

I just moved to Edgewater NJ and I have a sick balcony over looking NYC. 

He sold me 1 Cuban Cohiba, only one he had left, plus 1 MonteCristo Habana, which I smoked last night and was delicious

The 20 or so Cobiba's I got are dominicans.  Smoked them before, good cigars.

He can get boxes of Cuban Cohibas, told me they'll run me about 180.

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I've used this for years, and I never have to worry about humidification