Cincinati bjj?

hey, anyone know where to roll in cincinati on a saturday? I'm in town w/ my girlfriend for the holiday, and I'm wondering if there's anywhere within 30-40 min drive of western hills?

Travel up the road to Middletown Ohio. It is roughly a 45 minute drive depending on where in Cinci you will be. Train here with Jorge Gurgel, black belt instructor, and all around great guy... Check out for details on class times and directions.

covington is probably a 15 minute drive from western hills also--i def suggest gracie barra cincinnati as well--i live in indianapolis now but i know the guys in cincinnati and they're VERY good--contact rob--it'll work out well

I ended up finding a place 10 min down the road: cincinati mixed martial arts. Got a great workout there. Thanks for all the suggestions though.

guess it was cheaper there. that made this whole thread pointless.

I second the Jorge Gurgel recommendation.

Go to for more info.

ryan thatcher. i am coming up to dayton on the 1st of may and i am definately going to stop by the school and train. see you there. or if you don't show, i'll see you in hell.

Damn, that's a Saturday. My wife works on the weekends and I have to babysit.

Are you just in town for the day?