Cintron accepts the BLAF challenge

Cintron: "I Accept Dana White's Challenge"

BLOOMFIELD, NJ – Floyd Mayweather, Jr doesn't want to battle a UFC champion. No problem. IBF World Welterweight Champion and former high school/college wrestling star Kermit Cintron would like to accept the challenge from UFC President Dana White, it was announced today by Main Events CEO Kathy Duva. Cintron, who will be defending his IBF crown against mandatory challenger Walter Matthysse on July 14 in Atlantic City, NJ, would like to battle the UFC champion following his June IBF title defense.

"I want the fight," said Cintron. "I can wrestle. I can box. I can beat those UFC fighters at their own game. Tell Mr. White to make me an offer and I'll take on his guy after I fight Matthysse on July 14."

Cintron (27-1, 25 KO's) captured the vacant IBF crown on October 28, 2006, when he destroyed Mark Suarez in six rounds (TKO 6). The 27-year-old Reading, PA resident by way of Carolinas, Puerto Rico once finished 10th at the NJCAA Wrestling Championships. As a senior in high school he was offered full wrestling scholarships to Wisconsin University and Ohio State University.

The Cintron-Matthysse bout will serve as the co-feature to the Arturo Gatti-Alfonso Gomez contest. Main Events is promoting the July 14 evening of boxing, in association with The Tournament of Contenders, LLC and Caesars Atlantic City.

with his wrestling background wouldnt he be considered a mixed martial artist though?

dana will be shaking when he hears the words "current world champion boxer" and "former collegiate wrestler" describe who accepted his challenge

Interesting.  Not a bad idea to get himself some extra $$ and fame.

He's from my hometown.  God what a shithole.

He should arrange a non profit charity bout, behind closed doors, off camera, on PPV.

Sherk by absolute mutilation.

he is probably the only high level boxer with that wrestling ability...

that would be awful if he somehow proved mayweather's awful reasoning

What does Cintron weigh? Which champ would he face?

"He should arrange a non profit charity bout, behind closed doors, off camera, on PPV. "

That makes no sense.

I doubt Dana will accept this. Cintron doesn't have the same marquee name value as PBF. But if this does happen, Sherk would still win.

His MMA wrestling wouldn't be on par with most UFC champs, and he'd probably get subbed pretty quickly. 

i think he must not realize that dana wanted a well known boxer

Sherk via massive cut 2:32 Rd 1

I think Cintron would do well in MMA, just not in the UFC because he is too small. He fights at 147 pounds (welterweight) and I don't believe he is cutting too much to get their. He has ko power though and supposedly has really good wrestling. I guess the whole "take a boxer and teach him to sprawl" theory will be tested, except he will have more than 6 months of sprawl training. I still say he gets annhialated by most in UFC's stacked 155 division.

If he doesnt want to fight Sherk, there's always Urijah Faber who, would kill him also.

""He should arrange a non profit charity bout, behind closed doors, off camera, on PPV. "

That makes no sense."

Damn you're good. :)

Would any sanctioning body allow this fight to happen considering Cintron has never fought MMA?

Sad to see that boxing is sinking to a newer low and trying to piggy back on the success of the UFC.


I think it's also due to the fact that the success of the UFC has opened a lot of mainstream eyes as to what constitutes a "great fighter".  Perhaps some boxers are now feeling a little inadequate and trying to prove themselves?

Laverne Clark didnt have half of his talent or wrestling but still beat the shit out of a lot of people without even training

Sherk would sub him. quickly.