Cintron accepts the BLAF challenge

I'm sure there are plenty of 145 guys fighting in the 155 division that would be good to put Kermit up against.

I really hope Dana takes up the offer. The more atheletes MMA takes from boxing the better.

I'm assuming Cintron only wants to fight the UFC 155lb champ for the $2million that Dana offered PBF. That won't happen. PBF fighting on a UFC card is worth paying him $2million. A lot of casual boxing fans know who PBF is because of all the hype surrounding the recent DLH fight. However, outside of hardcore boxing and MMA fans, most people have no clue who Cintron is. He isn't worth much to the UFC.

As a hardcore MMA fan, however, I'd love to see Cintron in the mix at 155 lb in the UFC. I'd love to watch him take on Spencer Fisher or Florian.

RockHardAzn has KO'd the correct.

Why not let him fight Marcus Davis? 

Marcus is a former pro boxer who successfully made the transition to MMA.  Cintron would have to gain some weight though.

It would showcase how a good boxer w/ MMA training will beat a good boxer.

Whoops, edited because I just saw that Cintron would probably be fighting at LW.

As much as I want to see this - RockHardAzn is correct. Dana probably wouldn't want to pony up nearly as much money for a relative unknown such as Cintron.

"I love how people think that with some past wrestling experience they suddenly are proficient at westling."

If he was offered full scholarships to college, and was top 10 at the NCAA tournament. He is proficient at wrestling.

The way you get proficient at something is past experience.

It would get a lot of boxing folks into MMA though. Of course they'd be curious to see how he'd do. I know I sure as hell would be- if I didn't already watch the UFC.

The only drawback is a lack of a 147 division. Eight pounds is a huge difference.

Zuffa, make it happen. I'd pay to watch it.

Oh sick.. We need this SOO badly in MMA now!

Actually integrating the different combat sports into one, is the challendge in MMA, and that's what takes the years to hone. People see something huerta v Garcia and think it's low tech', but it's the reality of a sport that changes the range of combat so freqeuntly and having to move from one style to another so quickly.

Hook it up Dana! Sherk will molest.

Let him fight Melvin Guillard, Marcus Davis or hell if you want to make it real interesting have him fight BJ Penn.

Make him fight his way through the small shows like all other guys with no MMA fights. Giving him a free bye into the UFC (the big leagues) will make MMA look like a bunch of Johnny Come Lately's.

"i think he must not realize that dana wanted a well known boxer"

Cintron is known if u r a boxing fan. He's about as well known in boxing as sherk is in MMA

Cintron is arguably more well known to the average boxing fan than Sherk is to the average MMA fan...

He's also a huge welterweight.

hes also a gracie black belt.

Cintron is a very legit boxer. His style of boxing would translate over fairly well I think and JC wrestlers are huge variables because some of them are on JC teams because thats the level they're at, and some are there because they aren't smart enough to wrestle at a D1 school.

PLENTY of talented JC wrestlers and if he placed at the national tournament, I'd wager he has some real wrestling ability. However, I still think Sherk would take him down.

Sherk took Matt Hughes down at 170lbs. Fairly certain he could get Cintron down, who likely hasn't wrestled since he was 21 years old.

the boxer w/ wrestling just has to avoid the takedown and let the hands fly .. look at St. Pierre vs. Sherk to see how bad this could be ..

I think this would be great event for MMA & boxing. I think Cinton can win this bout but I think he is going to need train at least 6 months in BJJ so he can develop some defense on his back.

Boxing is now calling out the UFC instead of the other way around ... will Cintron show up to the next UFC with the Duvas by his side looking to call out Sherk? Seems like we had a similar scenario last weekend

LOL @ Dana being afraid of this guy beating any of the top 155lbers. He would get subbed or GNPed in the first round. Just like we saw in the first UFC shows.

Cintron would not stand a chanceron.