Circle - 2015 low budget sci-fi movie

Triangle and Coherence were excellent movies. Haven’t seen Time Lapse or heard of it. Will have to check it out.

Coherence was my favorite of the ones mentioned in this thread.
I haven’t seen The Platform because I don’t like subtitles, but the description sounds good.

Just finished The Circle. I liked it. Worth the watch for sure.

Edit: I should add that it’s the best movie I’ve seen in some time too

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The movie is 2015, and while yes it hits on points that has been sensitive for most of us in these current times, those points have always been with us, so with that it’s worth the watch. Some good scenes in relation to that topic tbh

Watched it last night and enjoyed it. Nice to see something different.

Good acting but not realistic in any way. After a bit, I realized no one talks over anyone else. No one ever speaks while someone else is speaking. They all take turns speaking through the whole thing. What would really happen is everyone would be talking, discussing, arguing trying to figure out what the hell they should do. There would be multiple conversations going on at once.i realize that would make a mess of a movie so it was done this way, but it stuck out after awhile.

netflix series along the same lines is alice in borderland