Circle back psaki: “biden shouldnt take questions from reporters”

I kind of agree.

Joe could end up either dropping the N word or spilling the nuclear launch codes. Or maybe drop his pants and start masturbating. It’s kind of a crap shoot.


$10 says the launch code is “cornpop”.


Until I read that article I didnt know the Biden admin supported The Space Force. I remember Trump being lambasted over it.

Doesnt she not answer questions either, she just says they are stupid questions or she will circle back to answering later? In a way thats how Biden handles every question anyways.

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She is called “circle back psaki” for a reason

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The country needs Ol’ Joe to drop his pants and start stroking it to the next 6 year old girl he is hitting on. It would be a great unifying moment of healing. Even the brainwashed liberals would be hard-pressed to make excuses at that point (though many still would).

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Everytime Joe tries to answer a question on his own he ends up saying something racist or sexual about a 5 yr old girl in the audience.

Oh it’s easy to come up with a narrative.

“Our commander and chief has shined a light on children’s rights. Mainly that age is just a number and they should be allowed to have sex with anyone they choose.”


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