Circle cages now available

Rings and Cages, Inc now offering circle cages. We had a few calls over the years for them, now we are getting them all the time soooo we've started building them. Same slot groove drop in system we are known for in our other cages.

Unlike a lot of what you see on the market when it comes to round cages we have designed ours to be easily mobile and do a different town every night of the week for shows.

We also offer the diamond steel catwalk as with our other cages, or wooden surface with rubber surface or just wooden surface. We offer a wider variety of framing designs than anyone else on the market, as we always have.

Pics and prices will be on the website as soon as the "foo foo" finishing is put on this first circular cage.


Cool stuff ttt. Phone Post


Doing a 30ft circle with a diamond steel catwalk at the moment... will post pics when finished.


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 ttt for my friend.


nice. can't wait to see the finished product.

what is your lead time on a circle cage?

 I sense a significant cost increase due to material needing to be bent.

Not too bad. Not really any difference timewise on a circle vs any other cage. By the time I need the bent steel it is done and ready. Costwise, it's about 1500 more for a circle.

Average time to build is 2-3 weeks from the time we start it worst case. Vinyl takes time to get done but the minute the order comes in we order the materials.

Right now backlog on orders is 4-6 weeks, depending on how many full size orders are in sometimes it is up to 8-10 wks.

Average is 4-6 and that is usually worst case, I try to get as many products done early as possible



Still less cost than anyone else in the industry for a superior product...

niiice pic

can't wait to see the finished product picture of your round cage design.

There is frame, flooring.  The only things it doesn't have are fencing and foo foo stuff on it haha.

 TTT for foo foo stuff.

Foo Foo stuff doesn't happen until it's on it's way out the door to the customer. Minimizes risk to vinyl and padding etc...

We do bag hangers, rolling bag racks, we can do cages and rings with bag hangers attached and have a couple of prototypes we are working on for focus training as well.

We can do half ring/half cage stuff for gyms, conversion projects where cage panels or ropes can be removed and transformed to either a ring or a cage etc... (insert transformers noises).

Basically if you think something would be cool, pretty much EVERYTHING we do is a custom project and we are happy to customize something just for you.

Let's say you want a ring but you want it to be unique...rings should usually be backboned with steel so poles don't bend under pressure over time. You can do that inside the post OR on the outside. Well we can have plasma cut designs on the backbone to say your name, school name, logos etc... completely unique to YOUR school OR event name.