Circle of Power -members

If you've decided already. Please post what class and subclass you plan on rolling

Sith Warrior Marauder or Sith Inquisitor Assasin

Whichever is least popular

Mauraders are the least played class according to the forums. I didnt see many in beta Phone Post

 Yeah Warrior Marauder is definitely the least played. You like melee danjer??


haha gord

I saw that. So Operative is it? Im really hoping we all hit tatooine in force. Ganking on a massive scale will be going on.

I honestly change my mind on an hourly basis.

yeah i can deal with melee

not sure what I'll play on dark side.. probably bounty hunter or sith inquisitor

 I'm leaning towards Sniper at the moment...but I promise nothing!

theseanster -but I promise nothing!

hehe pretty much.

dangerboy12 - yeah i can deal with melee

 Even though it is a higher population of player, I would go Inquisitor Assassin then for the stealth then. On all of the characters I created, that was the class that killed me the most. There's nothing wrong with the Warrior, at full health and in my face, there was no beating them as ranged even if I had a tremendously successful kite. Assassins are deceptive too because they can either be tank or DPS and when I was fighting them I couldn't guess as to which one they were, I would just get splattered. The Assassin has the knockback AoE thing too which is pretty laugh out loud, knee slapping funny when you get a whole group of people falling off of shit with it.

And..last but not least, on a PvP server, stealthing is going to be a tremendous asset. If I were to go melee I'd go Assassin hands down, I just can't do melee.

gord96 - 
theseanster -but I promise nothing!

hehe pretty much.

My brain is all over the place on this. Sith Sorc looks to be the best healer in PvP. Has bubbles like disc priest and good CC, and we have no healers that I know of, or anyone dedicating themselves to it. Can't zerg cities without healers.

Bounty Hunter - cool looking armor, jawa pet, great story line, fun to blow shit up with.

Imperial Agent - I kited really well on this toon and had my way with bad players not paying attention. Leg shot, flash bang, and incompacitate give me good escape. The story line is cool too.

Sith warrior ...juggernaut or whatever tank is Phone Post

Nice. Thought for sure i was going to be the only bastard swinging the big red cocksword of the alpha sith. You will not be disappoint

 You guys should use body type 4. In fact the whole guild should. The group pictures would be lulz. Or all body type 1 hahahahahahaha

Im down for type 4. Whole new meaning to circle of power

Okay, so all bodytype 4? What about female characters?

No I'm not doing 4 LOL. I could do 1 for a sniper otherwise 3 Phone Post

Bounty Hunter - Powertech - Advanced Prototype pvp :)

Sith Warrior - Juggernaut - tank (alt)

I don't think I could do body type 4, I hate fat people. If you did body type 1 everyone would have to have emo names like Petewentz lol

I'm going to have to stick with 3 on both... just like real life!