Circuit training vs bodybuilding

Circuit training vs bodybuilding Phone Post 3.0

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interdasting. I like your initial thoughts.

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Tom Lawlor - Agree with OP Phone Post 3.0
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Mostly the middle, but the beginning and end were solid points too. Phone Post 3.0

If you read it backwards it makes complete sense Phone Post 3.0

LOL @ the in depth discussion.


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 Lautoka Londa,

I'm going to have to go with Grizzly on that one. It's hard for me to think of many things whooping up on an angry Grizzly.


Ok, I'll elaborate on what OP was clearly getting at, but was unable to articulate...

Which type of workout (bodybuilding or circuit training) gets a Grizzly and/or Silverback in the best shape for a fight with the other?

Also, could Tom Lawlor outrun either of these beasts if confronted by them in a woodland/jungle setting. In addition to that, would Tom opt to go out on his shield against said animals instead of running like a normal person.


Gorilla has a punchers chance, but 90% of the time the Grizzly is gonna win with overbearing strength...

Get it?

So one vote bear to one vote grizzly.

Its a dead heat boys!

First...a large adult male Grizzly can be 1,400 lbs and 5 feet at the shoulder (standing as much as 9 feet tall). A large adult male Gorilla is around 400 lbs (and might stand at around 6 feet).

The Grizzly is an APEX predator with huge claws and teeth. Although omnivorous, they can definitely whoop-ass, and love to eat some meat. Gorillia = buffed, hippy, vegetarian.

I still say Grizzly by extreme mauling.


Lautoka Londa -

While we are at it can I get a ruling on a Silverback vs a Grizzly?


Damn near ends up in a fist fight when I bring it up IRL.

Seth would get destroyed worse than he d3stroyed kimbo.

Is that fighter bashing? Phone Post 3.0