Ciruit Training.

Enson, did you have weight training tips published in Grappling mag??


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For the off season I start off light for 2 weeks and go heavy for another 2,3,4, or 5 weeks.

Yes I believe that it will slow you down a bit. Just remember 2 things. Don't get big too fast and keep stretching and sparring.

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Here's an example, just an example of a circuit. The one I do is very like this one with a little bit more excersises.

30 sec. ON/.15 sec. OFF/30 sec.ON and 15 seconds to get to the next excersize.

Power Clings- DB/Benchpress- Jump Squats- Lat Pulldown(back)- DB/Incline- Lat Pulldown(front)- DB Military- DB/Shrugs- Low Cable Rows- Calf Raise- Tricep Extension- Leg Curl- EZ url- Leg Extension- Tricep Pressdown- DB/Curls

These excersises should be done with adaquate amount of weights. Meaning you shouldn't get stuck halfway throught the first 30 seconds and you shouldn't be able to get through both 30 second sets being able to think about the date you have on the weekend. In other words the last 30 second set should be like going to hell and back.

We are working for reps here. There is such a thing as Heavy Circuit and Light Circuit. Heavy is done on the 6th and 5th week before the fight and Light is done on the 4th,3rd, and 2nd week before the fight. I usually stop circuit training 10 days before fight day. Find what's best for you. For example if you do Power Clings at 135 lbs for 20 reps/15 reps on Heavy Circuit day, a Light Circuit day should be like maybe at 100 lbs for 30 reps/20 reps. I usually do circuit about 2 times a week depending on my recovery. Remember finding the right weight for you many take a session or two so the first couple sessions will be like trial sessions. I usually have 3 guys on hand whenever I do circuit. One to keep time, one to count reps and log reps, and one to make sure the next set is ready to go. If I'm lucky and there is a 4th person on hand he just follows me around with my carb drink on hand so it is readily available for me to sip anytime during the circut. The 4th person also squeezes a small towel wet with cold water over me head and wipes the back of my neck randomly during circuit. Once circuit starts, no breaks until the last set is done.

No Pain, No Gain

Pain is temporary

Pain is weakness leaving the body.

How do you perform a power cling? and what would be some other exercizes you might use? thanks

The power cling is from the ground to the cling to the shoulders.

Any other push or pull movements.

Do you ever switch up your program to meet a specific opponets weaknesses?

I do a routine almost like the one posted plus 3-4 more excersises starting from about 6 weeks before my fight. Other than that I don't do circuit. It's hell and if I'm not fighting I don't even want to think about it. When I'm off I do different body parts a day, twice a week.

The circuit from the first rep to the last rep takes about 35-40 minutes.
It doesn't matter who my opponent is, it never changes.

I rotate my days 3 days on and 1 day off. Say day 1 I do chest/Triceps, day 2 I do Back/Biceps and day 3 I do Shoulders/Legs. I have two ways, again Heavy and Light. On Heavy days, all sets fall in 4-6 reps. If I can do more than 6 the weights too light. I should fail somewhere between the 4th and 6th rep. On the light days the only difference is the reps. Instead of 4-6, I do 6-8. My weight workout for a day on an average onl lasts about 30 minutes.

It was written by john lewis it says egan is the one doing all the exercises it says to workout three times a week to do one exercise per bodypart 2 sets are timed for a minute and the last set is held for a minute contraction.