Ciryl Gane vs. Tanner Boser

Up next... I got Gane


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Maybe Uncle Dana gave him a call

War Canada for sure... 

Card - 

War Canada for sure... 

Especially that haircut.

This dude's mullet also came with a chin.

granite chin on that canuck

Gane wins the UD

Cyril Gane is a future champion. The guy has tons of kickboxing pedigree and just started mma. He moves like a middle weight and uses full kicks knees and punches as his arsenal. His kicks are nasty and and has excellent cardio for such a big HW. You should see how he dismantled his previous opponent Mayes. Very good future prospect. Can't wait to see him fight in the top 10. 

I also heard Cyril is a regular sparring partner of Nganou in France. That's crazy.