Cisco switch question

I have a SPF LC connector SX transceiver (fiber) like on the Cisco 3750

I want to hook that up to a standard GBIC like on the Cisco 3550.

Is there a cable that does this? We have these switches at work, and I seriously know nothing about them. Which is fine because I'm a Unix guy. Unforunately, the network people don't know anything either 6#@%#@#%.

Also, what do you (rfquinn, zeStephen, Jimmy, Tobias, whoever) think about the sfp modules? Are the big gbics being replaced by the sfps?

You will need a multimode jumper cable that is FC at one end and LC at the other.
assuming the port speed is the same.

GreyMonkey is almost correct. You need an SC to LC multimode cable. (The standard Cisco GBIC takes SC, not FC) I couldn't find one here locally when I needed one recently...had to order it.

As far as the SFP form factor is concerned, it will totally replace the standard GBIC. Space on switches is precious. Obviously, it's just not possible to put as many GBIC ports on a switch as SFP ports. All the new Cisco stuff we have come with SFP standard.

Thanks for the insight everybody, especially rfquinn. I am glad you are here. It seriously sucks when the "network" guys and girls at work can't help me at all.

question 2:

The guy in the other department proposed getting a Cisco 3550 (with 10 gbics +2 Cu 1000) and a 3750 (no SFP's). I suggested instead to get 2 3750's stackable with 8 SFP's fiber (along with the LC to SC cables). The cost of both is about the same.

Basically, you give up 2 fiber ports to gain 22 Copper ports. This is a good trade for us, as long as the SFP's of the 3750 can substitute for the GBIC's of the 3550. Is this a correct assumption? Any other thoughts?

"This is a good trade for us, as long as the SFP's of the 3750 can substitute for the GBIC's of the 3550. Is this a correct assumption?"

Absolutely. SX, LX, ZX, CWDM, and probably others I'm not aware of have an SFP form factor.

"Any other thoughts?"

For us, the 3750s have been great. I love the fact that, when using the stacking cable, they truly act as a single device. (Even though other models can do that, I'm not sure if it's as easy as in the 3750s) We're about to deploy a stack for most every school in the district to provide layer 3. Our need is probably very different from yours, however, being that we will be transporting over fiber WAN using CWDM. The only issues we've run into with SFP is the ability to quickly pick up an SC to LC cable. We have to keep spares because they take over a week to come in. Other than that, there's no reason not to switch over. In time, SFP will overtake GBICs in market share, and it's important not to get stuck with obsolete technology on a new purchase. You might have those new switches longer than anyone expects.

Oh yeah, you should be able to speak to someone at Cisco about recommendations for your particular site. Even though we can handle everything ourselves, we get a Cisco engineer to make recommendations on unique, or medium to large installs.

Sweet, thanks again

Another questiona bout cabling:

Cisco quoted me $237 for a 10M LC/SC connector. I am seeing that adaptec sells the same thing for $130. What cables do you buy? Does buying 'non-Cisco' cables void some warranty? Because $237 for a cable is ridiculous.

WTF??? Are the connectors pure platinum??? I just bought one about a month ago for like $30-$40. I got it from Bantam electronics here in Austin. (512) 719-3560 (Used to be Tinkertronics)

I'm 100% positive you can find it even cheaper somewhere else. We just wanted to deal with someone local.

Oh, and your warranty will be just fine. You can use whatever cable you want.

lol sweet. Thanks I think I am set now.