Civil War #6? Not the West Coast!

It's being reported by newsarama and comicbookresources....

Diamond's official statement includes:

Due to weather-related shipping delays, customers serviced by Diamond's Los Angeles Distribution Center will not receive the following titles this week.

AUG062033 .....CIVIL WAR #6 (OF 7) (NOTE: a small quantity of this title was received in time to be distributed this week, but the bulk of orders will not fill until next week.)

What this means is that it is highly unlikely GG'ers on the West Coast will be able to snag a copy of Civil War #6 tomorrow.

It's not Marvel's fault. It's not the fault of your local comicbook store. Diamond wants to blame bad weather....but I'm going to blame Diamond anyway!


stews in anger

Yay for demonoid. At least we can read it.

Reason #112 why Marvel and DC should have an affordable, monthly download service of all of their titles.

F the West Coast anyway. The Marvel Universe is set in New York and so the rest of the country can burn.

That's some cold shit...and we just moved to the west coast.


I clicked this thread thinking the West Coast Avengers were going to be killed by the Thor clone, or some shit.

jesus it just came out today.....give it a few hours.....

do i need civil war front line to follow the story?

No. You don't need any of the civil war tie-ins to follow the main story. (But the Marvel Marketing Department would love you pick them all up)

btw, I just read a quick summary....and it sounds like Civil War #6 rocks! So everyone not on the left are all lucky, lucky bastids!

The West Coast owns you Kneeblock!!!!..LOL

The Lakers will win another championship and Thor rules!!..LOL

I need to crash..Talk to u tomorrow!! :)

wolfdeth still alive???or a clone???

I'm a clone!!..LOL!

I'll stop working these crappy hours before long!.. :)

LOL...yeah, Cap owned them both at the end of issue 6.

that's true. Hell, the Sentry alone could probably mop up Cap's team.

Leigh has been converted.

well if you read teh latest iron man....i would take twice that many people to beat just iron man..........

when I saw the last page I thought the same thing. Caps team just doesnt have a legit chance against tony's team. This all spills into the streets also. ie:front line #9. Lots of people are going to die. Kind of a spoiler but oh well. Venom kills type face in front line #9. Which is good in my opinion because he was a wast of space.

type face???


after reading CW 6 it seems this whole thing (or part of it) was tought up by on ofhte people from stamford????? i really don't get wtf is going on with that part of the story..........

hmmmm....linky no worky

bans self

Loved number #6 great stuff.Lol@Punisher,ah well more time to look at ghey magazines I guess.

for those who might not have heard - the rumor is that issue 7 is delayed till 2/21/07