Civilian First Responders Program

We are almost done putting together our Civilian First
Responder Program. The premise this program is based on

"A civilian will be on the scene of a terror attack as it happens
and law enforcement will arrive after."

YOU will have to take care of YOU and your family in the
immediacy of the event.

The program is based on a respond and retreat base, but
also includes other elements.

Threat Recognition - Concealed Carry Firearms - OC Spray -
White Light/TID - Communications - First Aid - A Family
Emergency Plan...

There will be an update on my site soon with all the info
about what we are doing.



Sounds good. What textbook, if any, are you using? (Brady, Mosby etc.?)

Sounds like a good plan!

No textbook.

mkirk and Hook (and everyone else), you should head over to the JKD forum for a couple of interesting threads about this program.



You'll have to let me know how it's going. I can't get on the
JKD forum anymore. I wont drink the magic punch.