Civilization III

can someone tell me how to play this game in a nutshell? the damn instruction book that came with it was a novel. i'll read it over the weekend but for now i'm just messing with it before starting a real game. i played tutorial last night and this is what i've gathered so far:

1)you can move your man one block at a time

2)you can make deals

3)your man laughs whenever he kills his opponent

4)don't mess with the soldier inside the city. they're hard to kill

other than that i think it's a sweet game...

The manual doesnt take too long to read. After that, if you have any specific questions then give us a shout, and we'll try and oblige.

As you say, it's a sweet game

Best Game Ever!

Doesn't Civ 3 have a tutorial though? Otherwise rtfm.

Ugh, I hate CIV3

Beating Civ3 on deity is probably the hardest thing, gaming-wise, I've ever done.

Really, read the manual, even though it's long. I really didn't understand how the game worked until I read the manual.

its a good game, gets addicting,,,,,just keep playing its easy after you figure everything out

I've been in on the Civ-Train since Civ 1 on the PC.

I've never been so frustrated with a game than I have been with Civ 3.

I still think that Alpha Centuari, except for a few glaring interface problems, was a better game.

Alpha Centauri was better, I agree.

Civilization 2 was the masterpiece. I cant get into 3.

hmmm, civ3 is the first one I've played, I love it. I guess I'll have to pick up Alpha Centauri out of a bargain bin somewhere.

was just trying to get some input, ya'll! i'm a console gamer thru and thru, and this is the first time i ever played a pc game (beside solitaire and minesweeper). i picked it up from circuit city on a whim because:

1)i've heard so much good things about it

2)i heard it's also very addicting

3)it was $9.99

to all of you who played ps2 before, you knew damn well that you never read the instructions on how to play the game. you pop it in, then you start mashing the buttons. i thought this was the same way, so the day after playing this game i posted this here message, trying to get opinions. i've had my ass handed three times since then (on the warlord level at that) and believe you me, i'm studying the manual like i got a midterm tomorrow. at this point in time, let me ask you guys this: what's your fave country and why?

I liked playing as the Greeks. My style was to win by culture, and to be defensively unassailable through technology. Greece gives you commerical for lots of money, science for faster advances and the Hoplites which mean you dont get wiped out until the middle ages.