CJ= PC gangsta?

Now I love this game, but WTF is up with CJ always refusin Ryder's blunts and givin him shit about it?

Murder, mayhem, robbery, and gang warfare are ok but rockin a little ganj isn't?

I noticed the same thing. I think he still smokes, just not on a mission.

Later in the game, he tells someone, "Sorry, man. I just don't drive when I'm faded.", implying that he does get "faded".

BTW, does anyone know what "wet" is?

Ryder's refers to his reefer as "wet", and seems to do some kind of cooking to it in one scene.

As a pot smoker for 18 years, I've never heard the term before and have only cooked pot to make hash oil.

as far as I know getting wet means using PCP.

But Ryder is clearly just smoking bud. Maybe it's the same kinda thing as sticky bud (good shit).

I wish he did drive while faded, because the boomshine mission in VC kicked ass.

the boomshine mission in VC kicked ass

You get something like that later, only not as drastic.

Thanks for the "wet" info.

yep thats when they dip it in shit, gets you waaaayy high


"Wet" means when they dip the joint in embalming fluid.

He should be hitting the bong.

Its sherm u fuckin douche bags.

theyre gettin shermed up

BTW is Ryder meant to be an Eazy-E clone.

They're gettin blasted, holmes.

McWilliams, yes he is.


"BTW is Ryder meant to be an Eazy-E clone."