I do not know if plink was on Price is Right, but it was pandemic in Hong Kong arcades. I do know hot models were on Price is Right, however.

But, I have no idea where Acton is :)

I paid my $20 to the CJA when our club approached people to become members. I will be there and despite all the negativity spreaders, I hope lots of people turn out and its a good tourney.

It's time to show up or shut up. I don't think the CJA purposely picked the day of the tournament to coincide with other stuff going on. Guy's we need to simply show up and bare it like competitors. It will eventually help the sport grow, and develop if we all show up.

if its an open tournament you probably don't need to be a member, at least thats what i was told, things may've changed now. single membership is $25.


ps don't take my word as 'the law' call 'them' and ask.

Its hard to show up when a lot of people have been signed for this seminar since January.

I've known about it since November/December so I'm sure the CJA knew about it...unless they don't pay attention to what is happening in the Grappling community?

If it's a CJA tournament with all the standup and 'self defense' stuff, with grappling tacked on, then no, they probably don't have the foggiest idea, they just planned their tournament for the best date they could find.

Last two times I've wanted to go down to NY for a seminar, there have been GAMMA and TKO events and I've had to choose. 3 other weekends a month, but everything always seems to coagulate onto the same exact day.

Murphy is a biotch.


how much is the spectator fee?

I'll be at the Randy Couture/Matt Lindland Seminar too!

No CJA for me either!

I was told that "Mico the Mauler" would climb out of his casts to defend his title. I believe he is the same weight as last year for all of you 69 pounders who read this and may be interested in some of that :)

I'd like to go and compete in this, but 50 bucks at the door and the one-time 20 dollar fee for a grand total of 70 bucks is pretty steep; infact it's the most expensive canadian tournament I've heard about. 50 bucks alone is pretty steep, escpecially considering how this tournament was run last year. Even the scale was out of whack by about 10 pounds. I'm happy to support the sport and help the CJA put on grappling tournaments in Ontario, but I'd be alot happier if there was some sort of committment to putting on more that one tourney way out in Acton every year.

If we are going to pre-register, what are the weight classes, divisions and rules?




If $50 is too much guys then pre register.I like to compete as much as I can & the average tournament I go to in the U.S. is $50 thats US funds so $35 canadian is peanuts.But I agree with the scale,last year I was close to my 170lb limit so I got there early to run it off,they had no scale there yet for me to check before I started.So when they got there & I got on the scale to see I was 10lbs under I was not happy about running at all.

I believe the weights are:

140 lb & under

155lb & under

170lb & under

185lb & under

205lb & under

over 205lb

I knew about the Couture Seminar wall towards the end of last year. In fact I saved up to pay for it as soon as I could.

In order accommadate so many people asking for spots I think Shawn Geris managed to get more space for everyone.

I'll be at the Couture seminar.

$50 BUCKS!!!
If that is the case than you might as well have a no gi division as well. They should change the date if you want a decent turn out.


Superfights? LOL Grappling is treated as an add-on at this tournament. And it is Gi only. But you are entered in two of the four events that they hold there. Look into what they call "Continuous Fighting". Basically kick-boxing with takedowns and grappling. Similar to point sparring in karate. The grapplers looked like they were having fun in this event last year. There was more action in the beginners where all the grapplers were than in the advanced with the black belt traditional JJ and Karate guys. Basic rules - Points for each punch and kick, 2 points for a takedown (15 seconds on the ground), 3 points for a sub. Then stand back up and keep going. 2 - 2 min. rounds. Can't kick above the shoulder and can't punch in the face. Everything under control. Can't hit hard anywhere. So bring some gear.