CJA Tourney summary

The CJA tried a different format this year to try to speed up certain issues from last year.Unfortunately, it didn't work.Registration was better but our start times were in the toilet. Now i must admit this year wasn't the best of them and unfortunately we had problems with the venue. The CJA board has already heard recommendations for a 2 day event at a more accesible venue(toronto) and online pre registration, mat assignments,compensating referees etc. and they agree that what must be done. I will certainly be more involved with the structuring of the tournament next year and we'll see a different tournament all together.

On another note, if you want things to get better, get involved. Join. "Can't win a game when your warming the bench."

Many thanks to Jeff Joslin and Riccardo for helping out with the reffing as well as Riccardo's girlfriend with some scorekeeping. They were class acts as always and this is why i never hesitate to help them out.

Many thanks to some of my students who helped ref,timekeep and keep me sane!

On another note, comments made by another individual on the UG complaining on how the CJA works shows that this person just wants to cause controversy and try to prove that what the CJA is doing is not enough. I've explained it simply, there is complaining and there is constructive criticism. When you scream like a banshee on the UG then it is complaining. If you e-mail the CJA or myself(By all means e-mail the CJA)then we can make things better.

Well i've been telling everyone for a long time that without people joining the CJA how can we hear input as a community.

I think that the revised format that you are proposing above would we way better and more efficient, and look forward to a tournament run as such. Question: Are there going to be any more CJA sanctioned events this year (I know about the Invitational, ADCC trials, and Joslins event)?

Darb, Yes, joslins is a go(why wouldn't it be?)in nov and showdown tourney is in the works.

Get your membership before the tournament (if you are competing) it will save time.

Oh, I didn't mean that and of the tournies mentioned were not going to happen at all; I just wanted to know if there was anything in the works in addition to those mentioned. Thanks for the info.