Clapton to auction 50 guitars

Among the items up for bids is the legendary "Blackie," a circa-1956 composite Fender Stratocaster, which Clapton says "has become a part of me."

Estimated at between 100,000 and 150,000 dollars, it is one of a kind, as Clapton assembled it himself from the components of three different Stratocasters bought in Nashville in 1970.

Another gem is a 1964 cherry-red Gibson ES-335, the second electric guitar Clapton ever purchased, which is estimated at between 60,000 and 80,000 dollars.

I get the feeling I won't be bidding on any of that stuff. I wonder why he's selling all of that gear.



I think those estimates are conservative. One of George Harrison's guitars sold for over $400,000 at auction, and I am sure there is some rich guy out there who wrote CLAPTON IS GOD on a bathroom wall back in the sixties or seventies who will drop a big wad of cash for blackie.

I wonder what happened to that lefty strat Clapton tried to present to Jimi hours before he died?

Clapton couldn't get through the thick crowd and decided to wait till the next day. Didn't work out.

In the first auction "brownie" sold for $497,500 so I bet "blackie" will even go for more.. One of his guitar straps went for $14,000..

How much for old "Beigey Frothie" from Clapton's junkie period?That would be the one to bid on.

LOL at "Beigey Frothie"!

If I could have any Clapton guitar it would be the 335 from the Cream era.

I'd love to be there just to play with them all before they part ways. I couldn't afford a fucking pick though.

I would like the prewar 000-42 please..

I work at a guitar factory,and only around 25% of the people got the "Beige Frothie"/junkie strat ref.I take a serious look around at my so-called pier group,and it brings a tear to my eye,I tell ya...