claressa shields...hitting the bag clothless

The look on her face is weird ... like she’s been forced to strip.

She looks like Usman in a weave. Now imagine that folks…

I feel like this was a dude that has been wearing womans clothes all along, and that we should all be saying "Wow, she/he really tricked us with the feminine clothes"

If she was bald, that pic would be almost 100% man.


fck it, wood

Wood Knot.

FOX Force Five - 

Wood Knot.

Are you saying she has poor submission defense?


Looks happy

I’m surprised ESPN still does the Body Issue with all the virtue signalling they’ve been doing in recent years.

Brett Rogers V2

If somebody’s gotta take one for the team, might as well be me… Where do I report for duty?

HoboSkillet -

 If Cormier had a sister.

Wood not.

ESPN is a shit organization. The women who strip down for them are just as shit.


I don't have my glasses on...which one is the bag?

Why is she not clothed?

Whoever published this pic for the world to see is a scumbag. Even her fantastic technique looks like dog shit in this pic because she has to hide her boobs. Nothing good will come from this mess.

how much touch up did this need?