Clarette in NFL draft.....

underclassman may now enter draft due to ruling today in Maurice Clarettes case. Not sure on spelling. some say this will weaken the league ala' the NBA but I don't see it that way. roster spots in the NFL are crucial, every one. Not so in the NBA. plus the physical maturity is much more important in the NFL. In the NBA you can survive being too light or too soft for a year or two as you mature. In the NFL you won't survive mini camp...............

I don't think that he should be allowed, he got caught and punished, he thinks he deserves everything, but what team is looking at him? NOne are. I think he should wait the alotted time to wait then let a team sign him. The guy thinks he's god's gift to football...sorry pal...there's a hellva lot better players waiting ahead of you that didn't take money...

he's projected to be the the 5th to 7th or 8th rb in this years draft. He'll go before the end of the 2nd rd. No doubt.

Most NFL running backs have to fight through injuries. That's the nature of the position.

MC will do fine.

just stay away from the 49ers

Also, i hope the NFL wins it appeal.This decision will hurt the game.

Assuming he enters the draft, which is far from a sure thing with the appeal and all, I don't see him going in the first three rounds. I wouldn't be amazed if he slipped out of the 4th. There are already too many me-first, rules-don't-apply-to-me, head case prima donnas in the league, nobody's going to go out of their way to pick another at a draft position that most teams get production out of. Physically, he may or may not be ready, I haven't seen enough of him to give an opinion. Mentally and emotionally, he's shown he's nowhere NEAR ready.

Al Davis may take a chance in the first three rounds, that's about it. Clarett would fit in nicely with some of those idiots like Woodson.

tapped out is correct, he'll be a late 2nd rounder, I don't think he's a smart pick though, I'd much rather have a more proven back.

Flipside is he'll prove us all wrong, Clinton portis was a 2nd round pick and was a phenominal rookie, Tom Brady was a 5th or 6th round pick and within 4 years is a 2 time superbowl MVP, projections are only projections. Just like MMA this shit can never be 100% sure and is why its fun.

Just to clear up some things that people on here have said that are not true:

The NFL has NOT appealed the decision yet, nor has it asked for a stay in the judgement. Thus, MC WILL be in this draft and the application period will be reopened for other underclassman to apply for the draft.

As for where he will go? He will def. be at least a second round pick. Shit, two years ago the Redskins took a running back high in the second round that I would bet the majority of you cannot name. Every team can use more RB's and if his name is on the board in the middle to late second round you will see it gone. A team like the Pat's with 4 picks in the first two rounds has the luxery of picking him up and even if he does not pan out they still had three other picks.

How do I think he will do? Anyone remember Lawrence Phillips? Didn't think so.

IMO if the Bills took McGehee last year in the 1st, somebody will take MC early, too.

Everyone was on McGehee's jockstrap that year, but nobody remembers that he wasn't even the starter for MiamiU at the beginning of the season. Frank Gore was. Gore went down, McGehee comes in and had a good year (playing on an insanely talented team) and then blows his knee out and STILL was drafted in the first round.

I hope the Bears DO NOT draft Clarett (their new RB coach came from Ohio State & their GM is from the same hometown as MC, Youngstown, OH). And I hope MC gets beaten up and opens the eyes of younger players who were previously uneligible for the draft and keeps them in college.

all the "DRAFT EXPERTS" wer saying Mcgahee was going in the 3rd to 4th round too at best.

as of yesterday evening i saw kiper chaning his mind (imagine that) and saying he might go late 1st if he has a great combine/ priveate work out!

in my opinion there is no way this guy is left on the board after the 1st round no matter what.

think about this for a second.

if he had played last year and put up equal (not even better) numbers as his freshman year. he would be projected as one of the top 3 guys in the draft and easily the top RB. and he would have gotten a huge signing bonus and the largest contract available to him in that position.

no imagine you are a team looking for a running back in the draft and you are picking around 15-20. and you have the ability to draft the most talented RB in the draft and pay him a third of the money you would be paying him next year if he waits to come out. why in the world would you pass on him? not a single GM in the game would!

it's ridiculous to even thing he would last past the 2nd round and idiotic i feel to think he won't be drafted in the 1st

LOL at people calling a 19 year old kid immature. How many teenagers out there would handle his situation better than he has?

You all realize he rushed for 1237 yards as a true freshman?

I dont think he will be a first round pick just because it would be a huge risk (def. great reward if things work out though)

i hope the steelers draft clarette in the second...but i doubt it will happen i'd even not be upset if they took him in the first to replace bettis by 2005

He is very immature and IMO he wont be drafted untill round 4

heard a not so glowing description of maurice last night on ESPN radio. They said his level of immaturity is off the charts and he shows more "red flags" than any player since Phillips.

just ask yourself the same question every GM will ask themselves. if had played last year and was coming out now where would he have gone?

top 3 easily!!!!!!

all draft picks are risks. especially 1st round draft picks, and can't miss picks

just ask ki-jana carter, mike rozier, and a slew of college QB's

Ya know this thread got me thinking.

The Pats have 7 picks in the first 3 rounds (I believe) and are probably looking to upgrade the RB position through the draft. Given those circumstances, do you think they would risk the locker room unity they seem to have on a guy like MC?

the pats have 7 picks in the first 4 rounds

2 in the 1st, 2 in the 2nd, 1 in the 3rd and 2 in the 4th

i doubt that they would go after clarette, it would be more likely that they would trade for someone or pick up someone else in the 3rd round or so

" if had played last year and was coming out now where would he have gone?"

If he had gotten hurt as much as he did freshman year, 2nd or 3rd round. He already had character question marks, just not as big as now. I think he'll be a good pro, IF he doesn't get injured, and IF he keeps his head straight. That's two big ifs.