Clarrisa Chun vs. Maria Dunn!

lol. ok not really.

any of you ever use the oil check in competition?

i cant imagine going as far as to violate my opponent to win.

it looks like she's attempting the "shocker"...if you look real closely it seems has if she is transitioning to the "reverse shocker" which is two in the stink and one in the pink.

Hamaguchi killed it.

hell yeah she killed it.

I may have done the "Oil Check", "Oshiri Gake", "Butt Drag" a few times in my short wrestling career.

As far as Maria vs Clarrisa Chun, Maria by points for wrestling.

For Jiu-Jitsu, Maria by Cross Choke from her guard.

i was hoping youd reply.

junon - i was hoping youd reply.

Hahahaha... Im glad. Im proud of Maria... She's gonna destroy me on takedowns when she gets back. She killed me before she left, it's gonna be worse now. LOL...


btw did you win in those matches pictured?

Yes I did sir. Those were almost the only matches I won. I sucked big time in wrestling.

No you didn't Kyle. You just got injured a lot.

Woah... not a fan of the oil check. Though it's kinda hot to see 2 girls doing it to each other.

is the oil check a secret move they use to wrestle? if it is maybe eddie bravo will use it in his jits and say he made it up. if he does i wonder what he would call it?

The australia control....

I feel like JC in that MTV dance show, as much a fan of Maria as I am, Clarissa is a top wrestler in the world while Maria isn't even top 10. Although she does out way Clarissa all my money would be on her in wrestling.

I never ever ever want to wrestle with you Kyle after looking at those pics lol

Question is, did he smell his fingers after the match was over?

"YES" i do believe it would be insulting not to. bwahaha

I didn't get hurt alot, I just suck.

Clarrisa over Maria in wrestling? Uhhhhhh... I guess. As far as her not being Top 10, I think she just got a bad draw in the first round.

My teamates and I useto always smell my fingers after. So much funny and crazy stories I have from the "Oshiri Gake" in high school.

She would no doubt kick my ass...

 is a chick giving you an oil check teh ghay?

*waits for o2's response!


It's not ghay at all. It just doesn't feel good at all.

 oh no! :(

Kyle youre a youtube star!