Class of 2013: The Current Lumpinee Champions!

Props to my ninjas at Singpatong; THREE current Lumpinee title-holders under their roof (plus belts from Omnoi, Ch.7 and a recently lost WMC title - all under one roof, in PATONG, Sin City of Phuket)


for the record: Damien Alamos is still Lumpinee champion at 140lbs - non-title loss to DieselLek

He's on a "Phuket run" at Bangla Stadium now; the promoters there who work with his manager Num Noi and his Lumpinee promoter have all agreed on it, to snag as many (French?) tourists as poss, plus Lumpinee champ is good for marketing. Sadly, his first fight was going to be Phetasswin but they switched opponents to ensure he won the first... hopefully he gets fights of a decent calibre over the next four months.

*the "run" being during high season, when Phuket is flooded with tourists. Summer = Dec/March or early Apr


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