Classic car , own .

How brutal are the monthly premiums? Do I need to brace for impact?

I use Grundy. I don’t recall why, but something about them was better then Hagerty. I just sent them a couple pictures of my truck and told them I wanted to insure it for 18k.

I pay 282 a year. One thing about Grundy is you can’t use this as your daily driver. It’s more of a “special usage” car, but I’m not all that worried about that.

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Not sound like an ass, but the first sign that you can’t afford one of these cars is if you can’t pay cash for it.

Collector insurance is cheap, but has strict limitations. Like, you are supposed to keep the car in a locked garage. If it gets stolen from your locked garage, they will cover it - but if it gets stolen while parked at a shopping center or movie theater, you might be fucked.

Unless you have the tools, ability, and inclination to work on these cars, or have plenty of cash on-hand to pay for old-farts to work on it for you (like me), then you are probably better off buying something a LOT newer - '04-06 GTO, SRT Charger or Challenger, Mustang, Camaro, etc. Easier to finance, easier to insure, better gas mileage, generally more reliable…


I pay by the year I want to say it’s around 900 if my memory serves me.

My agreed value is 60k and it’s as much coverage as they offer as far as collision/ comp/ theft etc.

Pigbun is correct tho, it’s not like regular insurance, you have to be very clear and concise on what it covers and what you want covered. I had some issues with a bad agent who set me up for car show only ins at first.

Also , sand bag on your HP ratings, they will ask.

i know your car is bordering on race car status, Does Hagarty have any issues with your car?

Kinda at first, I was honest about the HP numbers and they put me in a very basic car show type of insurance, I’m 100% sure it was because of the HP. I also didn’t ask enough questions at first and I had a shitty agent. There was some questions about the seat belts , fire extinguisher, the type of tires , roll cage , if you take it to the track ( don’t ever say you do) and of course all parts on the car.

About 4 months into the policy is when I realized my coverages, so I called back and got a super cool ass car dude on the horn. I added as much full coverage bumper to bumper as I could get and they treat it as a street car, because technically in my state it is street legal. I sand bagged my HP to 600 though , and everything was straight.


The premiums arent bad. I started with Hagerty and my car was insured for $50k. Premium was around $100 a month. Then I got a quote from Grundy for $35 a month…and the insurance is just as good.

I like you, so I will try not to take offense, lol.

I understand what you’re saying, but I’m in Finance and I disagree.

I like to use other people’s money. I finance everything. Fucking everything.

I have the money to burn keeping it on the road, and I want it, so I’m buying it. Full stop.

I harbor no delusions that it won’t be a giant money pit, and I’m fine with that.


Fair enough!

Check on the insurance, though. To me, being FORCED to carry coverages I do not want/need, in order to obtain financing, can negate the advantages of using OPM. What sort of interest rate are you getting for a classic vehicle, though?

As long as the interest I’m paying is noticeably less what my investments are making, then I’m all in favor of borrowing. I do not even remotely understand why people would pay off a house when they can have a <3% loan.

If you need/want help/advice on the Chevelle, feel free to contact me.

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Much appreciated, my man! I’ve been in love with the 72 Chevelle since I was in high school, and im pretty pumped to have reached the point in life where I can treat myself.

I fly out to drive it Monday, so wish me luck.


MY 72 Chevelle just won Best of Show at carshow. Paid me $300. I just had the seats redone so looks like it paid off.


It’s a killer car man
You should be happy


I am…


Is he still sleeping in it?

And does he talk to anyother of his kids after you bought him this?

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When o was a senior in HS, ‘76-‘77, one of my classmates owned one of these. I know a guy my age who went to school with the kid whose dad designed it.

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In the next few years I’ll be adding something similar to this to my collection. Nothing special but one of my favorites growing up.


Mine as well!


Baby blue or silver. Not sure which way I’ll go.

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What do you guys think is a good price to have a front bench seat re-upholstered?


Damn, you old!

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