Classic car , own .

It looks great!, the seats are awesome. What engine do you have in it?

I need an old truck.
I have a 2000 and a 2021

I need an old one though, these trucks are rustling my jimmies

383 stroker.


That vehicle is irresistible

Holy shit

Coming back from carshow and on a backroad stopped to take a pic or 2.


Was in the race car muscle car building business for 35 years. Don’t care how much money and time you spend on them they’re still 60 year old pieces of crap. A new Kia is ten times the car. If your lucky you might get back half of what it cost to build when you go to sell. I’ll take a new F150 over a Chip Foose build as a driver ALL DAY.

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Just bought my father in laws 83 monte carlo ss that he was a national champion with on the show circuit, when he passed in 2011 my MIL sold it, She sent me the build sheet to hang up in my restaurant with some other pieces from his display. I was able to decipher the vin and located it in north carolina. 3 hours on the phone with the current owner and we came to an agreed price. Wife and I drove 44 hours and brought it back to the family.

7 different owners according to carfax in those 11 years and it is the exact same.

Even has the same tires on it


That’s awesome man

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As a daily driver I dont disagree. But tooling around in my 50yr old classic is almost spiritial. No Kia can compare.


Awesome doesnt describe this…did you drive it back?

No, hauled it back on a uhaul car trailer, one of the most stressful 24 hours of driving I have ever had

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Congrats buddy. The search always adds some excitement.

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Same here. When they say “they don’t make 'em like they used to” it’s for a reason. In terms of reliability, economy, comfort, engineering, ergonomics etc the modern automobile is superior in every category. That said my '55 is a vacation waiting to happen just sitting in my garage, even if it’s only for fifteen minutes.


You guys know your replying to a troll post right?

Got the new cobra gt’s mounted yesterday, the eagle gt’s that were on it was the original ones that dad had on the car, over 15 years old and dry rotted. They don’t make the eagles any more. I think dad would be happy with them.


Looks great man

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If your Dad worked at a nursing home in the early 90’s while driving that car, I worked with him.

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Bought for my mom


Our neighbor bought a new Corvair. Took all us kids for rides and we loved that car.


I was at a car show this summer and saw, for the first time, a Corvair pickup.