Classic car , own .

1966 Nova SS. Whippled LS3, Jakes stage 3 4L80e, Vintage Air A/C, 3500watt sound system. Way too much shit to list. Makes 730whp and gets it all to the ground. Very fun very fast car.


way too much power for me but one of my favorite cars
stunning man

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Thank you. Ive wanted one since the mid 80s. Finally said fuck it and got the one I wanted then proceeded to completely tear it apart and make into what it is now.

i love so many classic cars, i would be in real trouble if i had unlimited wealth and garage space:)
hell not even all muscle cars, in 1988 i was in love with the fiero Gt and just couldn’t afford one at the time, i would own one now given the chance


I have a friend that has a Fiero…with air ride suspension…

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someone say fiero?


what the fuck man

looking for an 88 gt, best year and model, love my 86 se though

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Coming back from local show and stopped at the dealer to take some pics.


A thing of beauty!

I just sold my fully restored '77 Silverado. Kind of regret it now. Probably going to pick up a similar one soon. LS3 engine swap!

The one car I yearn for after the fiero. I owned one when I was 19, sadly I traded it for an 83 mustang gt.

Would be cool to have the opel and mustang back, my wife would probably kill me though


Some folks called it the baby Corvette,

We followed a MGC GT Sebring into town this morning. It’s classic English clown shoe/Shooting brake. Same color as this one but it had dual racing stripes down the middle.


Slowly plugging away on my car, picked up my seats last night from the interior guy
This is just the bottom but super happy

My car was originally bright red vinyl and I had them made in a deep red (oxblood) leather
Added heated seats to them just in case but doubt I’ll ever need it


Beautiful car. I have a 64 SS that will be my next project.