Classic Entertainment and Sports (CES

Never forget the name MMA and Boxing.

Kevinbarbers1 -

Never forget the name MMA and Boxing.

Entertainment And Sports also known as CES

That’s right baby.

Tom Lawlor -

That’s right baby.

My man Tom Lawlor, I was the crazy guy who yelled Yo Filthy!" back at the last CES Event at Twin River. I actually regret not getting a video with you as well. Big fan of you as a fighter, as well as how you put on a show from the weigh ins to the walkout to the post fight interview.

We will see eachother soon.

Shout out to the Burchfields

if your interested go check out some CES Highlights on youtube.

Very entertaining fights. From MMA Debuters to Championships fights



can everyone promise to catch one CES Event when life returns to normal?

I'm gonna try, barbers.

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Homelander -

I'm gonna try, barbers.

Awesome check us out on UFC fight pass.

Also you can check us out Cesmma and cesboxing on Facebook and Instagram


When life returns to normal stay tuned for our next fight announcement!