Claude Patrick out of Apex

due to issues with my scheduled opponents I wont be fighting in the upcoming apex evolution card on june 10th but I will be fighting in the

King of the cage "Widowmaker" card taking place in Edmonton on June 18th.. Given my last fight there I am happy to have the opportunity to continue my goal of becoming the KING OF THE CAGE


See you soon edmonton!!!

Piano accident?

nope.. im good to go judt finished some great training with the boys at Tristar gym here in montreal.. ring cage same thing .. ready to fight!!!

You should have Lister's nickname. All your opponents are scared of you.

but you won't ever be able to fight for MFC!!!








*Please Note The Sarcasm

its not a matter of scared, things happen in life.. I know that first hand.. either way things worked out so it looks like all the beating i take in training have not been for nothing..

and i think mark pavelich is a pretty reasonable guy i dont think fighting in mfc would be an issue.. but like I said right now i want to be THE KING of the cage .. crown and everything :)

do it like you do clud

The MFC will not be pleased. You've made a powerful enemy today my friend!

On the other hand, I'd love to see you fight in KOTC!

Is it Prince or King? Make up your mind man! :)

Im glad that things worked out after all Claude...we're all behind you!



Issues??? Its because everybody is afraid of you Claude ......


Good luck in your new fight Claude! Maybe everyone should rename your elbows "issues".


Ronin MMA

Good luck Claude!!!

Claude "ISSUES" Patrick

nah i dont feel


Claude e-mail Loaf at

TTT for Claude gl in your future fights bro

Good luck Claude for the future
P.S. stop scaring your opponents


Pity, I was looking forward to seeing you fight live.

lol u guys are too funny. I am not a one trick pony elbows are not all i can do but certainly i'd rather use them than break a hand punching somone :)

King of the cage is aired on tsn so the fight should play there at some point.. afterwards I will be back the GTA working on hosting my next big mma seminar.. which i am really looking forward too.

I will have the info regarding the seminar posted by june 20th.