Claude Patrick Seminar

Claude Patrick will be in London Ont. for a seminar Sat July 7th at 11am.
Location:Ultimate MMA located in the Ultimate Workout Center. 695 Exeter Rd.
Space is limited so call or e-mail to reserve.
519 857 6612,

TTT 4 Claude



A respectful guy and a genuine BADASS who would have a great deal to offer.


ttt CP

Claude will teach nothing useful. He will only distract you with his charming personality and dashing good looks to make time to steal your X-box 360. Then he will be gone. Trust me, he's done it to me..

That's where the joke will be on him.

I don't have a x-box.

He told me a "PS3"...crap!

ttt for Claude

No I won't. These things aren't free damn it!

i've got a sega genesis

TTT claude is bad ass and has lot's of knowledge

london? patrick watch out for girls wearing sweatpants and tiffany's bracelets

Man Claude in London.He is very slick in his BJJ.Good guy and a very good fighter.Wish I had the money....If I only could trade that Manitoba managers license for admission to the seminar.LOL

What's the cost and how many people are you allowing in the seminar??

ttt for Claude...the man has smooth jiujitsu.

Claude wears jelly braclets?

Cost for the seminar is $35.00 in advance or $40.00 at the is limited so if you want to reserve send me an e-mail or drop the Ultimate Workout Center 595 Exeter Rd London.


Claude is an excellent choice for a seminar. Unless of course its about long distance running. In which case, I will be running a clinic on Claude this coming fall:)