Claudia at 115lbs (pic)


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If the girl isn’t on gear, it’s hard to get big and lean enough to look gross imo.

I draw the line at big bicep and forearm veins tho. Arm vascularity in chicks looks terrible

I agree to an extent, sometimes I dont mind some slight inner wrist, forearm vascularity. When a woman has my penis in her hand and I see the slight vascularity, it makes me feel as though my cock is heavier then it really is… Im also into women with small hands and tiny mouths.


Isn’t she the dude from Twilight?

Men can probably pull it off, but steroids ruin a women’s body forever. The virilisation is permanent and there will be some long term damage, deep down.


Those tattoos really decreased her attractiveness.

Id have that fit, tight, chocholate chip cheeked latina squealing in jibberish. Then shed make me a fresh salsa and guac with lime and home made warm tortillas.