Claveau Out of TKO 29

And other news at The Fight Network's The Great Fight North

ECC and MFC come across as babies, to me at least, everytime it (them not letting KOTC fighters fight for them) comes up. It just makes me want to support KOTC more and support ECC and MFC less.

The "Territories" belief system is absolutely ridiculous. I honestly don't see how it's possible that ECC and MFC think this is good for the sport.

I personally think its a bad idea, but to each their own.

No mention of Team Toshido fighter Gary Wright winning the KOTC Canadian Welterweight Title last week on The Great Fight North column??? BOOOOO :)

I agree David...Both athletes deserve props for a great bout and Gary a congrats for becoming the champion! I was called and interviewed about it even..gee Im glad I took the time to do so.

re: ECC/MFC...their actions are well noticed by many in the MMA community...and many people close to them. BAD way to treat people!!!



We mentioned Gary's win last week...

Looking......looking.......oh here it is:

"The main card featured a welterweight title fight between TJ Grant and Gary Wright – a unanimous decision victory that saw Wright leave with the belt."

Wow, thanks for the in depth coverage on the newly crowned KOTC Canadian Champion. I'm surprised I missed it. I hope that one sentence didn't take too much away from the 14 paragraphs of why "Patry's mad at the IFL". :)

I wrote an article over at Mad Squabbles about the MFC/ECC vs KOTC situation:

good article, docsavagemtl.