Claverie - Canto video

Flavio canto surprisingly getting caught in newaza at the TIVP 04 :

Just goes to show you...know matter how good you are, there is always somebody better.

"Or it shows you it is possible for anyone to have a bad day."


Is that the only time Canto has lost in newaza?

If my understanding of french is decent, the announcers said Claverie won the European championship at his weight class,,,

Am i getting this correct?

Cedric Claverie was junior world champion not european champion.

Quote of announcers:

"Cedric est super motivé dans cette catégorie. Et il a sorti champion d'Europe. Et il a fait le ménage comme on dit...."

I am positive they said Européen champion.

turtle , il a sorti le champion d'europe et il a fait le menage dans sa categorie means cedric won the current european champion and cleaned the tatamis that day ( ie. spanked everybody)

ah ok.

Il a battu le champion d'Europe dans le tournoi...

ok i misunderstood...he beat the Euro champion...

The footage le tournoi de Paris?


PS: french rusty