Clay busting specific shotgun

Spend up just a bit more and you can get into the beretta A400 Excel.

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Beretta a400
No kick off


I should have qualified further and said O/U

Oh so suddenly the Chiappa isn’t good enough for you!!

Then wait until you can get a 32 inch barreled Beretta o/u


/end thread

I got to play with a Blaser F3 Supertrap once. Not a bad gun if you have a spare $12K.

Unfortunately it did not help me shoot any better than I can with my $200 Stevens pump.

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I used a Remington 1100 Trap for decades. switching out the chokes gives you lot’s of options.

Speaking of chokes - what do you guys shoot with?

I r been running my 20 gauge O/U at the trap field with an improved cylinder out of the top barrel.

More than you’ll ever want to know.

Have fun.

Imp cyl bottom barrel
Mod top barrel

If something is really out there I’ll switch to an Imp Mod. Full and x full are too unforgiving for me usually.

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I’m going to shoot my SBE II this Sunday just cause I like it.

I just bought a new pistol so the new shotty will have to wait

If you want a cheap one I bought a Yildez over under from academy a few years ago that I really like.

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I got a Berska no-name o/u 20 from an auction site for $200 + shipping etc

I can hit skeet doubles with it. It shoots okay but probably won’t handle high volume shooting at all