Clay Guida Training at Greg Jackson's for Florian,188595

While on "Inside MMA," Clay Guida announced that he will train at Greg Jackson's to prepare for his upcoming fight with Kenny Florian at UFC 107.

-- Great news for Guida... let's celebrate with some old school Guida pics:



Weird considering that kenny trained with Firas and GSP for Penn.

 serves Florian right... if he really did tip off BJ's camp about GSP...then trains with them.  paybacks a bitch.  Guida will be on Florian just like Sherk was

keith florian is PISSED

Intresting. I want to see Guida vs Stevenson but now they are both at Jacksons.I see Guida winning if he does what he did to Nate Diaz. If Guida stands with Kflo to long he may be in trouble.

I think Guida takes this by boring blanket decision