Clay Guida

Some Weekend reading regarding Clay Guida and his 11th fight this year last week at Jeff Curran's XFO.


Him and his brother both are cool cats!

yup. Jason Guida fought that same night in Hawaaii and just fought again last night in Cicero IL!

Ive meet there mom.She might be the baddest guida.i think she trains with them

lol. She's a very nice and supportive mom it seems.

Oh and Jason was fighting a Heavyweight too. Heard it was a war, and the fight of the night.


i told Tommy Lee that when Clay was going to fight Bart, i didn;t think he had a chance. That guy proved me way wrong and i never count him out. he's a monster.

UFC, you got one more reason to start up the 155 division again.

top for the Guida brothers!

Good to see fighters posting on this too.
TTT for the many reasons to get the 155 pound division going again. And TTT for Clay, who I would imagine would get a shot for sure.

for later

Alright Warfrog.
It will be up all week on InsideFighting.