clay spicer is missing--banned?

and it seems japanese fighters all around the world feel just a lighter on their nutsacks.

where r u mr. spicer?

who said i took that shit outta my mouth. just for that, i'm gonna post what i'm listening to right now so teh ghey affects you too. press play: IF YOU DARE!

ask this man who he trained w/ when he got to hawaii to prepare for that fight. still though, he shocked the shit outta me and probably the rest of hawaii except tjay.


Excellent song choice FCTV

clay spicer is probably back with the other losers at Fightsport, where he belongs.

hahaha. nah, i think he's working.

Julie the Dude from Tulsa...LOL, my memory is still good enough to know that you are a female impersonator.