Clean and Press Question

I usually do the clean and press as part of Wiggy's program which I use(love it). I had worked up to about 145ish on the clean and press, but couldn't get it any higher. If I moved the weight up, I wouldn't get but one or two reps of the press. But I knew I could do more weight in the clean, because I ahve gone much heavier before(I am using the past tense because I can't lift right now due to shoulder thing). So my solution was to break it up, and do a heavy clean or high pull, supersetted with DB presses--actually more of a giant set, since the clean and press was already supersetted with weighted pullups.

Is the press portion supposed to be a strict military press-type move, or more of a push press? I was doing it as a push press sometimes, but I always feel like I am cheating when I do that. Any comments?


The "jerk" portion of a C&J should be a push press. Lots of leg and hip drive to force the weight over head.

Got any good vid. footage?

For clean and press, it's a push press.

For clean and jerk, it's a jerk. You could try doing these, they're easier on the shoulders.

Through doing rehab for bursitis, my trainer identified a weakness in my right shoulder(the one which has bursitis). I think this may have been the culprit behind my clean and press not going up at all(got stuck at 145, then started decreasing). Doing a 1 arm DB clean and press, I could just get the weight up with my right, but then felt a bit easier with my left. I always put it down to being right handed and using my right arm more, but now I know.