"cleaning" up a win machine...tips

Im a mac guy, but im the "geek" at work so im in charge of the
computers at work now. my boss wants be to go through his computer
and give it a check up, clean it up so to say...

any tips on refreshing a windows machine. winxp or 2k i beleive.

what to delete...etc...look for..utilities...anti spyware stuff...what caches
to clear.

bring on the tips...links...etc...


Spybot: Search and Destroy and Ad-Aware 6.0 Professional Edition for anti-spyware.... you'll have to buy the full version of Ad-Aware since you're a business and don't want to get nailed on a BSA audit. Spybot is free for commerical use, as far as I know, but check.

run both of them to get a good start on cleaning out the spyware... you might have to get some specialized cleaners for the nastier spyware out there.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is probably the best virus scanner around... it's somewhat slower than stuff like Norton, but it is the best, bar none.


defragging is a myth

don't bother wasting your time

Clean out start up items.

Also run hijackthis.

It picks up a lot in the registry that the others won't/can't