Clementi vs Pointon

interesting matchup for 1/25

what weight? rich is usually a 155er...

yeah or maybe rich will go for the ko


rich is better standing, on the ground and wrestling, only difference is size and at 170 rich is decently big.

I don't knowe anything about Pointon. Any insight? Rich is a monster regardless of what has been seen lately. I'll never bet against the MAN!

refused to try to round out? didnt he tap tito in training? isnt he primarily a striker?


Pointon would never make 170 without a complete lifestyle change

I hope Clementi doesn't try one of those "silly" submissions.

if clementi was smart, he wouldnt stand with ross

It is going to be fun, because Rich tends to try to make the fight exciting, rather then grind out victories.

And ross is exciting, win or lose.

But Rich definitely has the experience advantage, and skill advantage IMO. Ross is a big, strong, heavy hitting tough guys though, and those guys arent cakewalks.

Whatever happens, itll be fun

great fight. glad to see Rich get another shot. Can he still make 155? I know he walks at 190-195.

great fight

No Love

he made 155 for the Din fight in November. He is only 190 when he is eating like a horse with no fight in sight.

When he cuts back a litle, and trains full time, he walk at 171-174.

This fight is at 170, and he is only about 180 right now.

are you completely forgetting he was on TUF 3?

that is why he is there. Now I would guess this is his chance to prove himself for the final time. Maybe a last chance for him

what weight? rich is usually a 155er

No doubt, didnt Pointon fight at 185 and 205 on the show?

"I know who'll take the fight....."

Pointon by rear nevermind....

I hope Rich just takes him down and subs him. Why stand with a banger and risk getting caught?

not saying he will risk it, cause I havent a clue, but he carries the mentality that, "dont care if I win or lose, just want it to be exciting. If I lose, I hope I get KOed BRUTALLY"