Cleveland is one of the most civilized big cities

Cleveland takes a lot of shit, much of it rightfully so, but but it's pretty underrated when it comes to having civilized, even tempered people. Cavs win the first championship for the city in like 60 years and only 1 cop car gets stomped on and a few bus shelters broken from idiots not understanding it can't support their weight. Tamir Rice gets shot and no charges against police, but there's nothing but peaceful protests. No rioting, no attacking white people, no burning down their own neighborhoods, or any of that nonsense. We have plenty of shitheads here, but our shitheads aren't quite as shitty as most of your shitheads.



Amen brother, no devil's night here

In San Antonio we're too lazy to even protest at least I'll give some cities credit on that regard Phone Post 3.0

Your economy is based on Lebron James

PatK - 

Your economy is based on Lebron James

Hey now, don't forget the Cleveland Clinic and the one time darling of the OG, Vitamix.

And Flo from Progressive

Loved living in the Tremont neighborhood. Phone Post 3.0

Clevelands ok...Columbus is better. Phone Post 3.0

toelocku - Clevelands ok...Columbus is better. Phone Post 3.0

Good pizza, but you guys sound like hicks. I also remember Michigan game riots from my OSU days, which is highly uncivilized.

Lux Fixxins - Cleveland is a "big city"? Phone Post 3.0

It's not? 3 major sports teams, world class orchestra and hospitals, top museums, and presidential candidates always here looking for votes.