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Hope all is well with Upperdog…

Brother if you’re still reading, please know you’re cared about here. If you pm any of us, it might go better than posting publicly…please reach out.


@Kirik is there any chance we could have an update on Upperdog? He still with us?


I can relate to a lot of this. The family stuff. It’s tough, a real weight.

We have some major changes coming soon. No doubt it will alleviate some stressors, but it might create a whole new batch of issues. I’m looking forward to the change but dreading.

My response to the new changes coming? I just added a lot more to my plate individually. Being busy is good for my mental state. I’m busy in a positive way, but it calls for individual time. Don’t think some in that, but I think tough shit for them. Doing what’s best for my head, feeling good about it.

Have a good day all. Heads up.


I just need to even for a minute.

Today was a weird day for me. I woke up wishing it was Christmas time.

And for the last few days ive had this creeping dread im going to get bypassed on a job i really want. Honestly, i want this position more than any job ive ever wanted. I really feel like if i get bypassed im gonna have to make a full career change. Its fuckun stupid im thinking this, byt its just nagging me.

That and me wanting Christmas in fucking May has me really down in the dumps today.

Thanks for reading.


Buy yourself something stupid just to celebrate Christmas for yourself. Not something expensive as much as something impractical but will make you smile.

Best of luck with the job.


Thanks bro.

So the special counsel thay was looking to charge my parents also decided to indict myself and my wife. We are facing felony child neglect with injury thay carries up to a 5 year prison sentence. I just got out of jail last night. Arrested on Friday and they kept me without bond for some unknown reason. If this isnt throwing salt on a very open a raw wound, I dont know what is. Getting child neglect charges when i was three states away when it happened. I guess their angle will be that we knew the dog was dangerous and still had my kids stay there. We didnt have a clue how dangerous it actually was though, my parents always downplayed everything.


Holy shit, bro…that’s horrible. I can’t even imagine. I hope you have a good lawyer to handle this bullshit.


I would consider going one of two ways.

Deleting everything you have shared on this if you feel it is possible any of it can be found and used against you.

The other option would be to use social media and a place like the OG to flood the DA with calls and emails over this absolute injustice to apply pressure for this to be dropped and they fucking apologize to you.

I would get the advice of lawyers though and not a ranting machinist though, obviously.

I am sorry you have to go through this.


I hope you already lawyered up. Any felony rap is no joke.


Holy fuck. What an awful situation.

Request a delete and scrub of your account here, start posting fresh


Who would I ask to do that for?

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DM @Kirik or @Chris or any mods…


Any of the admins or mods can get that started.


Start by going to your activity page and editing all of your posts on the matter and deleting them / making them blank. Good luck man.

How old are you friend ?

He is in the process of having his account deleted…click on his sn.


My bad I didn’t see this before. What sort of changes will alleviate stress but create some in another area? Good to hear, being busy is good as long as you aren’t overdoing it. I’m busy all the time but very little of it is my own individual time. Although when opportunities come, I bust the door down. Not much will change until I go back to work…which will test the very fabric of this household.

1st of all: Good luck on the job application.

Try to not think about it as if the company owes you this promotion and if you don’t get it it is because you are getting bypassed. A lot of times the interview decides who gets the job regardless of accolades or tenure. That is because employers are sometimes looking for a person that will think outside the box or bring something different to the position as opposed to who it should go to if they operated simply by seniority.

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Will your parents testify to this if it means clearing you and your wife of any jail time?

This is awful man, best of luck.

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