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You rime with sissy! Lol

Oh babe. Im so sorry :sleepy:



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I know it’s a few months old but I’ll shoot you a message.


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My kidneys failed on me a few years ago so I had to stay in the hospital for 2weeks.

Fun at the time, they put me on pain killers the whole time. Lol

Dont want to quit bjj. More bloodwork- all vitamin levels and lipid panel normal. Why do i feel lime i just went 100 rounds with roger m? Everything hurts.


Gosh, maybe cuz you rolled with me? Next time we’ll go light bro


^if we rolled you’d smoke a cigarette after from my third hook

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I’ll take that as a no gi challenge. Very well i accept!


Fuck this life. Not much else to say

Actually I’ve been reading about suicidal behavior and how it’s more used by people with epilepsy.
Yee haw

What have you been eating?

I’d love to start this up again, my 6 year old is getting confident in riding his so hopefully we can start a thing

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Fairly well (i.e. lean meats, fruits, veggies, very little sweets, some beer here and there)

Latest lipid panel- doc has me on “dash diet”, which is unfortunately not nomming stacey dash everyday. Basically mediterranean diet with less salt. Also back on intermittent fasting. She also wants me to start in a statin to lower triglycerides and LDL given family history.

Do it. I’ve been riding every day and getting him out on the weekends and he said to me on Sunday, “I didn’t drink last night so I could ride better today and honestly, I think I’ve been drinking too much. I’m going to try to cut back.” And that’s without me ever saying anything to him other than let’s start riding bikes.

How is everyone doing? I had a terrible week with these fucking seizure auras and spend way too much time thinking about ending it before my wife gets too old.

It’s a tricky place to be, consequences for her on either decision

Hope you guys are well


I wanna try intermittent fasting but there is one thing stopping me. Not being able to eat dinner with my wife and kids as a family. It’s sort of a dealbreaker. It’s the one thing we can guarantee every night where all of us are together no matter what. What you’re eating sounds good though, that’s where I want to be.

I just came off a vacation so I took some time off from eating clean but I am eating much better now. I have improved a lot over the years but I feel it’s time to level up now. I’ve incorporated more fruits and veggies into my diet and reduced sugar intake but I feel I still consume too much sugar. I’d like to reduce it even more and add more fruits/veggies. Any advice on adding healthy snacks and fruits/veggies?

Had a rough past couple days, was feeling really low and had some bad thoughts. Woke up today feeling more myself, hoping to have a productive day and try to string together some good days.

Hope you have a better week with the seizures and hope everyone else is doing well